MOL2: Maritime on the Loop of Ocean Literacy - Radiocontrol & Telemetry

General information

MOL2: La cultura oceánica en el sector marítimo - Radiocontrol y Telemetría

Objective: Acquire basic notions of the radio control system operation as well as the possibilities available when using the radio control jointly with a telemetry system.

Introduction (1 hour):

  1. Radio communication notions
    1. Radio electric spectrum
    2. Analogical vs digital modulation
  1. Radio control
    1. Emitter
    2. Receptor
    3. Different types
  1. Telemetry
    1. Measurements
    2. Types
      1. Integrated
      2. Aggregated
    3. Technologies
      1. Protocols
      2. Integral systems

Practical work (3 hours)

  1. Parameters & measurements
    1. Getting measurements
    2. Data management
    3. Serial port signal

       2. BT Integration

  1. Connexion
  2. Data sending
  3. Data reception
  4. Data management
Learning outcome:

An attendance certificate will be provided at the end of the workshop

Contact Person: Susana Bastón (


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0716 - Naval engineering", "0732 - Near- and offshore constructions


Vigo, Spain



Academic level: Lifelong Learning
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