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Major of Electronic Material Engineering

Doctorado (ISCED 2011 nivel 8)


Costo 2,590,500 South Korean won per semester

Major of electronic material engineering is the study closely related to the high tech shipbuildingand off-shore plant industry which is the core industry in this region and trains the human resourcesto be the experts in this fi eld.

Introduction of major
  • Trains the semiconductor engineering expert for the high tech marine industry.
  • Operates the clean room which is the same level with the private companies.
  • Help the students to experience the test in the clean room.
Contents of education
  • Study on high valued core fields such as advanced LED lighting, nano material application technologyand advanced sensors.
  • Electronic material and elements constituting the electronic devices and telecommunication devices
  • Study on the principle, manufacturing method and application technology of various electronicmaterial and element.
  • Courses for various liberal arts, ocean related subjects
  • Seminar, workshop and team project
Main subjects
  • Basic sciences such as math, science and computing (for freshman and sophomore)
  • Basic major related subjects: electronics engineering/electromagnetic/circuit theory/digital engineering
  • Advanced major related subjects: semiconductor engineering/optics/material engineering/deviceengineering/nano engineering
Relevant technical licenses
  • Information processing engineer, electrical engineer, office automation engineer, Electrical engineer,CAD engineer
Job career after graduation
  • Large companies specializing in the compound semiconductor light emitting devices and displays,including Samsung Electronics, Samsung Electro-mechatronics, Samsung SDS, LG Innotek, andSeoul Semiconductor
  • As the study is related to research and development job, many students attend the graduate schoolsof the universities focusing on science and technology, such as KAIST, GIST, UNIST, UST, OST and etc.

The name of the department will be changed in 2015.It would help you to get closer to becoming the expertin marine technology in the field of marine industry.

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