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The General Circulation of the Oceans



Formato del curso On-site
Fecha 2021-01-04 - 2021-06-18

Course content

The course will give an introduction to the large-scale ocean circulation on Earth, with a principal focus on mid and high-latitude oceans. Wind-driven and buoyancy-driven circulation regimes, including their response to changes in forcing, will be discussed. The various topics will be illuminated with examples from observations, numerical simulations and theoretical models.

Proceso de aplicación

Resultados del aprendizaje

After finishing the course you should have an understanding of:

  • Wind-driven and buoyancy-driven mid-latitude oceans
  • Eddy-mean flow interactions
  • The Antarctic Circumpolar Current
  • Large-scale currents in the Arctic Ocean


Categorías CINE (ISCED)

Oceanografía física y química