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Marine Protected Areas



Formato del curso On-site
Fecha 2020-08-24 - 2020-11-27

Course Description:

Marine protected areas provide an important tool for the conservation of marine biodiversity and fisheries management. Many MPAs are planned and managed by national governments in collaboration with local communities. Yet fully protected areas remain scarce: currently 8% of the ocean is in implemented MPAs. When they are well designed, with durable management and compliance, MPAs can achieve their conservation goals. But many MPAs fail to reach their full potential, especially when they are subject to illegal harvesting and poor regulations. Good design along with investments in human and financial capacity are essential to MPA success. The class will discuss the theory and practice of marine protected area design and management, with a focus on island systems, such as Cuba, Hawaii, and Iceland.


Maximum number of students 15. Students enrolled in the Environment and Natural Resources master's programme have priority

Resultados del aprendizaje

  1. Students possess knowledge of Marine Protected Areas literature, theory, and application
  2. Students have understanding of the opportunities and challenges of protecting marine ecosystems and tradeoffs to local communities
  3. Students possess the knowledge necessary for planning and management of Marine Protected Areas
  4. Students should be capable of creating a first draft of a management plan for a given Marine Protected Area


Categorías CINE (ISCED)

Política y governaza
Conservación y gestión ambiental