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Master of Science in Marine Sciences

Master (ISCED 2011 level 7)


Duración 2 semesters
Costo 6867 residents, 14880 dolars non residents

The Master of Science degree program is offered by a diverse group of faculty whose research interests span a wide range of topics. The degree prepares students for professional careers in industry and government, or for the pursuit of further graduate degrees. A written thesis or peer-reviewed manuscript is required for students seeking a M.S. degree. M.S. students are expected to conduct scientific research under the supervision of an advisor, and to have a basic understanding of the fundamental principles and practices related to the primary area of their study. A written thesis is required of all MSCI masters students.

The M.S. program of study and other specific degree requirements are planned in consultation with the graduate student, the graduate student’s advisory committee, the Marine Science Graduate Studies Committee, and the Marine Science Program Director.

The M.S. degree requires the satisfactory completion of a minimum of 30 credit hours, including 12 hours of core courses

and one additional course numbered 700 or above (other than 799, Thesis Preparation). The remaining credits may be earned in courses numbered above 500, including 6 hours of 799. Relevant coursework may be chosen from MSCI and non-MSCI courses.

Componentes estructurales

Proceso de aplicación


Applications should be submitted prior to January 8 to receive full consideration for assistantships and awards for Summer and Fall semesters.  Most assistantship and award decisions are made during the early spring (March-April) for Summer and Fall admission.

Spring and Summer term admissions are rare and are accepted only in special circumstances where you have discussed the possibility of admission in one of these terms with your potential faculty mentor and the graduate director.  Please select a Fall application term if you have not already discussed early admission with faculty mentor and graduate director. Spring applications are due by October 1. 

Oportunidades de financiamiento/becas


Graduate assistants help faculty members teach classes, conduct research or handle day-to-day administration tasks.

Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships

Get help finding and applying for grants, scholarships, loans and federal financial aid through the FAFSA.

Fellowships & Awards

A number of merit-based financial awards and fellowships are available through the Graduate School, across campus and from various organizations nationwide.

Travel Grants

We offer funding to help our graduate scholars travel to conferences where they will present their work on behalf of the university.

Resultados del aprendizaje

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will conduct independent scientific research at the graduate level.
  • Students will demonstrate teaching skills.
  • Students will communicate orally to demonstrate their ability to present scientific results clearly, logically, and critically.
  • Students will communicate in writing to demonstrate their ability to present scientific results clearly, logically, and critically.
  • Students will apply scientific methodology, quantitative problem-solving, and experimental techniques within the core areas of marine science


You'll apply through the University of South Carolina Graduate School. In addition to the online Application, you'll need to submit the following:

  • Statement of Purpose (SOP): a 200-300 word essay, or under 3 pages, explaining your research interests in Geological Science, Marine Science, or MEERM-Enviornmental Science, your professional goals and your current plans for fulfilling your goals.
  • Resume / CV
  • Three letters of recommendation from faculty or other professionals in the field
  • Undergraduate and graduate (if applicable) transcript(s)
  • Official GRE scores
  • Official TOEFL score or the IELTS Intl. Academic Course Type 2 exam (if applicable). The minimum acceptable score on the TOEFL is 80 (internet-based). The minimum acceptable overall band score on the IELTS Intl. Academic Course Type 2 exam is 6.5. 
  • Official LSAT score (if applicable for MEERM/JD program)
  • International Students: Please review the information regarding international applicants ( on the USC Graduate School’s webpage.

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