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Coordination ­­­Fundación CETMAR, Spain
Funding Erasmus
Total budget €4 900 000
Start/end 01 January 2018 - 31 December 2021


MATES’ objective is to develop a skills strategy that addresses the main drivers of change to the maritime industry, in particular shipbuilding and offshore renewable energy. Both sectors are strongly linked and require new capacities to succeed in an increasingly digital, green and knowledge driven economy.

As a transversal line of action, MATES will carry out a robust dissemination and outreach plan. This aims to increase the attractiveness of the maritime industry, particularly careers in the shipbuilding and offshore renewable energy sectors, while also ensuring future adoption of the strategy.

MATES will validate actions and priorities suggested by the skills strategy through the setup of 11 pilot case studies. These case studies will test the MATES concepts on digital skills, green skills, mobility, innovation management, curricula development and ocean literacy.

Furthermore, the project will widen perceptions of Ocean Literacy initiatives by embedding an appropriate industrial perspective. It will spread an updated image for the maritime industry and send out a convincing message concerning the high-tech and long-term future of the maritime sector.

Expected results and impact

  • Development of a long-term Strategy and Action Plan to tackle the current and future skills shortages.
  • Establishment and involvement of a Europe-wide network of projects, initiatives, organisations and experts.
  • Identification of future skills and competence needs and the development of corresponding training and curricula.
  • Greater alignment of industry needs and occupational profiles with training and curricula.
  • Validation of training and education pathways for effectively increasing employability and career opportunities.
  • Successful completion of 11 Pilot Experiences and identification of recommendations for the long-term strategy.
  • Targeted industries better equipped to respond to challenges posed by digital, data and green technologies, through access to a more qualified labour force.
  • Greater resilience in the maritime job market and the safeguarding of stable employment in the shipbuilding and offshore renewable energy sectors.
  • A more competitive European maritime industry with increased attractiveness of maritime careers for graduates and early-career skilled workers.
  • Transfer and exploitation of knowledge in support of Blue Growth.


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Dissemination of training initiatives and educational materials for the maritime sector.