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Oceanografia (MSc in Oceanography )

Master (ISCED 2011 level 7)


Tijdsduur 4 semesters
Entry level Bachelor
Cost no tuition fees

The Institute of Oceanography, University of Gdańsk, Gdynia is a unique institution of higher education in Poland that has trained students in oceanography since 1970. The institute conducts interdisciplinary research into all aspects of marine science in the coastal zone of the shelf seas. Research focuses primarily on the southern Baltic Sea and particularly the Gulf of Gdańsk but the other regions including polar zones are also investigated.

The Institute of Oceanography offers studies in the Bologna System that consist of the three cycles (bachelor/master/doctorate) in oceanography. The study programmes of all subjects have been adapted to the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) which allows students to shape individually their learning pathways. The Institute contributes also to the EC Lifelong Learning Programmes Erasmus and Eramsus Mundus which enable exchanges, study visits a nd networking activities with several European countries.

The main goal of graduate and postgraduate education in oceanography is transfer of knowledge to students about all kinds of phenomena and processes in seas and oceans. Students can choose among the following pathways: Marine Biology, Protection and Management of Marine Resources, Marine Ecobiotechnology, Marine Physics, Marine Geology, Marine and Atmospheric Chemistry. Students participate to field trips at sea - practical courses onboard the research vessel k/h Oceanograf-2. Furthermore, the Institute has extensive long-term international cooperation with leading universities, research institutes and scientific centres around the world. 
The Institute of Oceanography consists of the following departments: Marine Biology and Ecology, Experimental Ecology of Marine Organisms, Marine Ecosystem Functioning, Marine Plankton Research, Marine Chemistry and Environmental Protection, Marine Geology, Physical Oceanography and Hel Marine Station.

The Hel Marine Station is the only station of its kind in Poland. It is open to the research needs of the whole scientific community in Poland and constitutes field support for all research groups working in the field of oceanography (academic teams from various higher schools, institutes in this line of work and the Polish Academy of Sciences). The Station is particularly well-suited to undertake research concerning the functioning and protection of life in the Baltic within multipartite research obligations, include those of international scope. Field classes take place here along with vacation and diploma work experience, specialist courses, lectures and seminars. Classes in Biology and Ecology are run for students from different universities in Poland as well as from various countries in Europe and the U.S.A.

The Institute holds certificates of high quality education from the State Accreditation Commission and the University Accreditation Commission. The Institute has been particularly high evaluated for:

  • high standard of education,
  • variety of courses offered,
  • excellently equipped teaching facilities,
  • participation in European programs,
  • activities at the Hel Marine Station.

Graduates of oceanography are experts in all fields which are related to marine research – they work on research vessels and in specialist institutes. They are capable to work in land-based and sailing research laboratories, scientific institutions, national and landscape parks, institutions involved in marine management, at institutions that monitor and manage the marine environment, in local and national governmental institutions, and in the media.

Within the MSc in Oceanography there are six specializations:

Structurele componenten
Practical/Field work
Language training

ISCED Categories

Conservatie en milieumanagement
Mariene Geologie
Fysische en chemische oceanografie
Olie, gas en minerale grondstoffen