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Management of Port Operations

Master (ISCED 2011 level 7)


Tijdsduur 4 semesters
Cost $4,000 USD/year (foreigners), 2,500 USD/year (citizens)

The aim of the program:

Award of academic degree of Master of Marine Operations;  Education and training of the interested persons to be employed in marine industry sphere;  Development of knowledge and skills necessary to provide navigation promotion and shore-based services development;  Development of knowledge and skills necessary for the implementation of maritime  operations, logistic activities and monitoring;  Development of research skills;  Training for pedagogical activity implementation;  Promotion of continuation of studies at the further educational level.

Structurele componenten
Research Project

Learning outcomes

The results of the program are designed to give the graduate, by developed skills and competence, possibility to implement the simple works, to have the skills of problem (of organization or some of functional branches) identification, diagnosis and resolving, using appropriate methods, their support and defense. The graduate, on the basis of gained knowledge, has appropriate theoretical knowledge to continue studies on the further level (Doctoral program). The program ensures compliance of the graduates’ qualification and preparation level to the requirements of the international labor market, which provides high level of graduates’ competitiveness on the labor market


The persons, holders of the Bachelor degree of any of authorized higher educational institution (the person, prior to passing the branch internal exam, is obliged to confirm his/ her knowledge of the English language B-2 level (presenting appropriate certificate or passing appropriate exam arranged by the Maritime Academy)) will be accepted to the program. Enlistment at the programme is implemented: through successful passing United Master Exam (the noted test is attached in the application-questionnaire in the application) and by the assessment form, defined by the Maritime Faculty Council (the terms and conditions of the exam are defined by the Maritime Faculty Council).

ISCED Categories

Logistiek en bedrijfsvoering scheepsvaart