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Licenciatura em Meteorologia, Oceanografia e Geofísica (Bachelor Programme in Meteorology, Oceanography and Geophysics )

Bachelor (ISCED 2011 level 6)

Portuguese, Portugal

Tijdsduur 6 semesters
Cost registration fee: 25 euros; enrolment fee: 40 euros; tuition fee: portuguese students: 871.52 euros; international students: 7000 euros

This first cycle of higher education in the areas of Solid Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean, with solid basic training in Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science, aims to open the student's perspectives on the importance of a scientific approach to these areas, and provide training updated in the specific areas of Meteorology, Oceanography and Solid Earth Geophysics, in order to prepare professionals with practical use of the latest technology and able to face the real problems of interdisciplinarity. It also aims to provide the preparation and encouragement needed for further studies to a more advanced level (2nd and 3rd cycles in Geophysical Sciences) in the country or in foreign institutions in the areas of Meteorology, Oceanography, Solid Earth Geophysics and Environmental Sciences.

Skills: Scientific and technical approach in the areas of Meteorology, Oceanography and Solid Earth Geophysics in real interdisciplinary problems of Earth and Cimate. Further education at 2nd and 3rd cycles in the areas of Meteorology, Oceanography, Solid Earth Geophysics, Climate and Environmental Sciences.


Admission Exams

[19 - Mathematics A] or [02 - Biology and Geology and 19 - Mathematics A] or [07 - Physics and Chemistry and 19 - Mathematics A]

Minimum Admission Grade

Candidates cannot have an overall mark lower than 100 (in a 0-200 scale) | Candidates cannot have a mark lower than 95 (in a 0-200 scale) in the national exams of every specific course that are required to take.

Entrance Grade Calculation
50% - Final mark in high school (12th grade) | 50% - Mark in the specific exam(s).

Application Grades (2018/2019)
1st period: 130.3 (min.) | 172.0 (max.)
2nd period: 135.8 (min.) | 158.0 (max.)

ISCED Categories

Mariene Geologie
Fysische en chemische oceanografie
Offshore en hernieuwbare energie
Mariene Ruimtelijke Planning