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Bachelor in Geodesy and Cartography

Bachelor (ISCED 2011 level 6)


Tijdsduur 7 semesters
Cost EU, Polish Free; Non EU citizen 8000 PLN per year

The curriculum was structured so as to allow you to become familiar with a large scope of knowledge related to geodesic measurements, as well as the development of all kinds of maps and geospatial analyses. During your studies, you will learn how to set out a building, measure a plot of land and develop a numeric model and a Digital Elevation Model with the use of a drone. You will find out what an orthoimage is and how to make it, and you will get to know the ins and outs of laser scanning and 3D studies. You will find out what GIS (Geographic Information System) is and how to use the power of geospatial data to obtain a great deal of practical information while conducting computer-based analyses. From the third year of study you will have the opportunity to extend your knowledge in geoinformatics – through creating databases of spatial data and through designing geoinformatic or hydrographic systems – performing field measurements with the use of our equipment and a professional boat, Hydrograf XXI. The programme on Geodesy and Cartography at Maritime University of Szczecin is unique. We will teach you how to conduct measurements from the air with the use of drones, on the ground with the use of specialized geodesic measuring equipment, and under water, where the landscape is “depicted by sound”.

Additionally, students have a two-week practical training after each year of study. There are also obligatory placements in companies or state institutions involved in geodesy and cartography, geoinformatics, or hydrography.

Graduate profile

The most important assets of geodesy and cartography graduates:

  • Knowledge within the scope of geodesic measurements.
  • Practical skills in developing maps and geospatial analyses.
  • Practical skills of obtaining and compiling measurement data collected with the use of drones, laser scanning, hydrographic underwater measurements and modern geodetic measuring equipment.
  • Skill in conducting geodetic measurements with use of satellite navigation such as, among others GPS, GLONASS.
  • Knowledge of the most state-of-the-art computer systems for designing, processing and managing spatial data (among others, GIS and CAD).
  • Knowledge and skills within the scope of land registry and real estate management.
  • Ability to think creatively and develop an entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Use of a foreign language inclusive of its professional aspects and the problematics of geodesy and cartography.

Apart from the knowledge obtained, partaking in our programme offers an interesting experience and is a great adventure. You can also develop your passions within a number of scientific student clubs, where many interesting and experimental measurements are conducted. This will allow you to find work both in Poland and abroad, in geodetic, hydrographic and geoinformatic companies, as well as with various authorities, design offices and research and development institutes.

Important! 30% of the best graduates in the geodesy and cartography programme will have access to paid placements. The placement grant is gross PLN 2,200 per month plus the possibility of being refunded with accommodation and travelling costs.

Prospects for the programme

Who these days does not need information regarding spatial positioning? Whether it involves maps contained in databases, geodetic measurements on a construction site, 3D/4D studies and analyses, or geovisualisations, they are all connected with space - we will teach you to measure and create it. The prospects for this programme are very good - we are part of the Polish National Smart Specialization: Smart geoinformatic networks and technologies. The dynamically developing IT and geoinformatics sector makes us part of the upcoming services identified as part of the regional specialization for West Pomeranian Province. We measure space, and create its digital image, we visualize and analyze space in time. We measure form the air, land and under water. We are the geodesy of the future!

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ISCED Categories

Mariene Geologie
Fysische en chemische oceanografie