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Engineering and Management in Maritime & Port Fields

Master (ISCED 2011 level 7)


Cost The monthly fee is 280 Euros, calculated for a period of 10 months, for each academic year.

The Faculty of Navigation and Naval Transport has set out to promote higher technical education and training which is far reaching, flexible, interactive and continuous, in compliance with the requirements of European and global education standards, while also abiding by the national academic traditions. To achieve this mission, the Faculty of Navigation and Naval Transport is supported by the Strategic and Operational Plans.

Graduates to gain competence in technical operation of resources, inancial administration of companies, human resource administration, marketing techniques.

Application procedure

Foreign citizens from the European Union member states have the right to enroll to studies in România in the same conditions as Romanian citizens, directly to the universities, according to the Order of the Ministry of Education, Research Youth and Sport no. 3855 of 17.05.2010; The documents required for registering to a higher education institution must be translated into Romanian, authenticated to the public notary and the study diplomas must be recognized by the National Centre for Degree Assessment and Academic Recognition CNRED; Registration and admission exam shall take place directly at the chosen faculty, in accordance with its methodology; For the candidates who want to study in Romanian, a Romanian Language Certiicate is required.


As a rule, the application ile for admission to study at Constanta maritime University has to be sent to our University. The ile shall be checked and then sent to the Ministry of National Education in Bucharest together with our formal acceptance. The International Students Department of the Ministry does the inal checking and a Letter of Acceptance is issued and sent either to the applicant or to the university. This letter allows the applicant to obtain the study visa from the Romanian Embassy in his / her country. Upon arrival in Romania, the Ministry will issue the Order of the Minister, a document required for enrolling at the University.

Grant opportunities

CMU students are entitled to scholarships and financial aids, in line with the National Law of Education and with the internal regulations.

There are three main types of scholarships:

Scholarships for studies – they are reserved for CMU students who have the best results in a given academic year

Social scholarships – they are meant for students who are verifiably in critical financial or personal circumstances that endanger their ability to continue their academic studies

Scholarships for Romanians Everywhere – they are meant for Romanians who live abroad (Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, etc.) and are distributed in compliance with the national provisions.

ISCED Categories

Logistiek en bedrijfsvoering scheepsvaart