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Population Genetic Methods



Course format On-site
Datum 2021-01-04 - 2021-06-18
Entry level Bachelor

Objectives and Content

The literature deals with the theoretical background for using population genetic methods to identify closely related species and to study the species and population structure. It will also show how the different methods can be used in taxonomic and authenticity work. The course will contain practical analysis of genetic variation through electrohoresis of proteins, microsatelites and DNA analysis. Examples will be chosen from marine species. Interpretation and analysis of the results will be emphasized, and literature studies will be performed through given seminars presented by the students.


Compulsory parts of Bachelor's in Biology.

Recommended Previous Knowledge

Basic knowledge of biology and laboratory experience.

Learning outcomes

Population genetic methods is useful for a number of different task: species identification, population studies, tracing, authenticity, taxonomi etc. The course will present different molecular techniques, both in theory and practice; the students will try out different population genetic methods in the laboratory. Interpretation and data handling is an important part of the course, and the students will learn how to treat different genetic data. New relevant literature will also be presented.


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