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Exploring and Analyzing Data in Ecology and Natural Resource Management



Course format On-site
Datum 2020-08-10 - 2020-12-18
Entry level Bachelor

Course contents:

This course will give masters students a hands-on introduction to setting up, exploring, summarizing, and analyzing scientific data. Students will be taught a tool for doing this: the R statistical programming environment, which today is the most widely-used and flexible statistical software. This course is tailored towards students enrolled in master's programs at the Faculty of MINA and will prepare them for their own research activity during their thesis work. 


A completed bachelor degree, and at least a course in statistics.

Learning outcomes


After successfully completing the course, students will have acquired the conceptual and technical skills necessary to work with their own data during thesis preparation. The course will also give students the pre-requisites for adding more advanced analytical tools and specialized methods to their repertoire during future studies.


After completed course, the students shall be able to do the following:

  • Basic programming in R
  • Data setup (import, quality control, formatting, etc.)
  • Exploring data (summaries, tabulation, etc.)
  • Graphics
  • Statistical distributions, tests, and models
  • Presenting results (predictions, figures, etc.)


Students will gain the necessary competence to explore and analyze data with R, today's primary statistical software.


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