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Postgraduate Diploma in Maritime Archaeology & Underwater Cultural Heritage:

Short-cycle tertiary education (ISCED 2011 level 5)


Tijdsduur 2 semesters
Cost 3,000 EURO

This programme aims to provide graduates from any background with a basic understanding of contemporary theory and practice in aspects of maritime archaeology and underwater cultural heritage and its role in the wider context of cultures. The duration for this program would be one year full-time (two semesters) during which students will take six taught courses, four of which are compulsory core courses covering the basic theory and methodology of maritime archaeology and underwater cultural heritage, in addition to two elective courses.

Postgraduate Diploma in Maritime Archaeology & Underwater Cultural Heritage:

The degree includes six units taught over the duration of two semesters. Four compulsory core units which cover the theory and methodology of maritime and underwater archaeology, in addition to two optional units.

The Courses
Courses offered throughout the programmes include:

Maritime Archaeology: Provides a platform for exploring a wide range of themes relating to the study of the maritime past.

Archaeology Underwater: Deals with the logistical, technical and methodological issues related to the practice of archaeology in underwater environments.

Heritage Management in the Coastal Zone:   Investigates fundamental issues of assessment, monitoring, conservation and public presentation of maritime archaeological material.

Ancient Seafaring: Provides an appreciation of aspects of harbour and shipwreck archaeology and maritime conditions, within the context of seafaring in the Mediterranean, the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean.

Introduction to the Marine Environment: Looks at the different coastal processes which determine the formation and preservation of archaeological sites in marine, riverine and lacustrine environments.

Ancient Boats and Ships: Aims to examine the watercrafts of the ancient world, operating environments, methods of propulsion and steering and the materials and tools used in their construction.

Conservation of Water-logged Finds: Provides an appreciation of the problems associated with waterlogged materials and the care and treatment of artefacts recovered from marine sites.

Research Skills: Aims to teach and enhance the skills necessary for independent research at postgraduate level as well as computing skills, writing and publication in a variety of forms.

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