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Natural Water Systems



Course format On-site
Datum 2020-08-10 - 2020-12-22

Natural Water System gives an introduction to the main water systems on earth - surface waters and water systems in soil and atmosphere - salt- and fresh waters. Emphasis is put on geo-/physical and biogeochemical conditions, transport processes and other aquatic ecological aspects. The course contributes to the knowledge base for aquatic environmental technology.


  • The Atmosphere (atmospheric processes, climate and weather, hydrological cycle)
  • Freshwater systems (catchment hydrology, rivers and groundwaters, lakes and wetlands, glaciers and permafrost, particular focus on lake eutrophication and biogeochemical processes)
  • Sea water systems (ocean basins, wind and ocean circulation, waves and tides, coasts)
  • Particles in water, sedimentation and sediments (sea-, lake-, river sediments and soils)
  • Organisms and ecology (fresh- and sea water fauna, habitats and ecology)

Learning outcomes

The student shall aquire broad basic knowledge about ecology in natural water systems, hereunder physical and climatic basics and processes, systems ecology, biology and biogeochemistry


ISCED Categories

Fysische en chemische oceanografie