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Bachelor of Science in Water Resource Management

Bachelor (ISCED 2011 level 6)


Tijdsduur 6 semesters
Cost Domestic $6,281 - $7,281 per 120 points, International $36,563 (first 120 points)

Sustainability and management of our valuable water resource (both its supply and its quality) is one of the biggest challenges facing Aotearoa New Zealand today.

Water Resource Management courses investigate sustainable techniques to assess and protect our freshwater resources and prevent further stresses and hazards upon this vulnerable commodity. Students will learn to evaluate the effects of domestic and commercial use on our aquatic ecosystems through practical survey fieldwork.

Studies in Water Resource Management provides opportunities to pursue careers in freshwater science and management, and in a variety of other fields of biological sciences.

Structurele componenten
Internship/Workplace experience
Laboratory training
Practical/Field work

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