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Ports and Terminals Handling Equipment Operation

Bachelor (ISCED 2011 level 6)


Duration 8 semesters
Cost 3,500 USD/year (foreigners), 2,500 USD/year (citizens)

The aim of the program is to prepare:

• qualified specialists of operation of lifting, warehouse and loading-discharging equipment of maritime infrastructure;

• highly qualified personnel for employment in maritime transport infrastructure, able to identify and manage professional problems, apply personal abilities, communication skills, high ethical norms, providing their competitiveness on the local and international market.

Structural components

Learning outcomes

The educational program provides the graduate with theoretical knowledge, develops practical skills, on the basis of which, giving the graduates possibility to become qualified professionals. On the basis of gained knowledge and developed skills, the graduate is able to:

• use informational and communication technologies in professional activity;

• assess technical condition of the typical details, units and equipment of lifting-transport machines;

• comparison and correct selection of lifting equipment according to their technical specifications;

• assessment of reliability and quality of automated systems;

• selection of mechanization and technological schemes during loading-discharging operations of different types of cargo.


Full general education and results of unified national exams

ISCED Categories

Logistics and shipping management