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Ingeniería en Biotecnología Marina y Acuicultura (Marine Biotechnology and Aquaculture Engineering )

Bachelor (ISCED 2011 level 6)


Duration 10 semesters
Cost Four thousand, three hundred euros

The degree prepares a professional in a comprehensive manner with special emphasis on basic sciences and marine biotechnology, for its application in the field of aquaculture systems. It provides a solid theoretical and practical training applied to the development of molecular and biotechnological tools integrated to processing engineering, problems in conservation, cultivation of marine and freshwater organisms in general.

The career also trains professionals capable to manage and develop technically feasible, economically, socially and environmentally sustainable biotechnological solutions, with an entrepreneurial and innovative seal to lead in their field.

At the same time, it counts with the competences to be incorporated into postgraduate programs in various national and international institutions.


Structural components
Internship/Workplace experience
Practical/Field work
Language training
Research Project

Learning outcomes

The occupational field of the graduate is in biotechnology centers, research institutes, aquaculture and fisheries centers and companies, pathology diagnostic laboratories, food and drug production for aquatic organisms, quality control, biosafety, certification and waste treatment.

It may also work in public or private institutions related to the conservation and management of marine and freshwater organisms, consulting companies and conduct research in higher education institutions.


National students marks:

Lenguaje y Comunicación: 10

Matemática: 35

Historia y Ciencias Sociales: -


ISCED Categories

Personal skills and communication
Maritime economy
Physical and chemical oceanography