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Major of Mechanical Systems Engineering

Bachelor (ISCED 2011 level 6)


Cost 2,590,500 South Korean won per semester

The major of mechanical systems engineering is the foundation of all engineering. As a study to realize the creativity and imagination in the real life. This major is broadly related to other fields ofengineering.

ntroduction of major
  • Train the creative and professional human resources specializing in the field of shipbuilding equipments.
  • Train the professional engineers for shipping and Port industries.
  • Conduct a lot of experiments using the advanced tools and instruments.
  • Conduct the practical programs in the field during vacations.
  • Conduct the early education proper for the students.
Contents of education
  • Basic theories and practical fields of mechanical engineering
  • Basic theories and designs of machines
  • Principle and application of mechanical engineering
  • Design and develop using computers
  • Automation using microprocessors
  • Mechanical technology in the field of new energy
Main subjects
  • Basic science such as math, science, and computer engineering (for freshmen and sophomore)
  • Basic major subjects: fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, statics and basic electricity and electronics, etc.
  • Advanced major subject: mechanical design, automatic control, dynamics, internal combustion engineand mechanical design applications, etc.
Relevant technical licenses
  • Engineer of general machine, engineer of construction machine, and engineer of air conditioning andrefrigerating machine
Job career aftergraduation
  • 56% students get the jobs related to the shipbuilding, heavy machine and ship materials in HyundaiHeavy Industries, Samsung Heavy Industries, DSME and Doosan Heavy Industries, etc.
  • Others get the jobs in prestigious government related companies such as Korea Institute ofMachinery and Materials, KHNP, Ship Materials Research Center of KOSEP, etc.

Students can study according to the educational processesincluding various kinds of liberal arts, marine studies, majorrelated subjects, seminars, workshops and team projects.

ISCED Categories

Machinery and operators
Naval engineering