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Marine Geophysical Mapping Methods



Course format On-site
Date 2020-08-31 - 2020-10-04
Cost 17500 SEK

The course addresses marine geological mapping with geophysical methods and sediment sampling.

The course includes theories on the geophysical mapping methods applied, a field mapping component, geophysical data post-processing and geological interpretation. There is a specific focus on mapping of the unconsolidated seafloor sediments and bottom topography using acoustic methods including single and multibeam echosounders and side-scan sonar.


Admission to the course requires knowledge equivalent to 45 credits in Geology or Earth science, where Geology and geophysics 15 credits, 15 credits Physical geography, Mathematical methods in earth science 7.5 credits, Statistical methods in earth science 7.5 credits, alternatively, the courses Tellus I - Geology, 15 credits, Tellus II - Geology, 12.5 credits, Tellus III - Geology, 2.5 credits and 15 credits of mathematics and statistics or equivalent. Information about entry requirements on


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