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Applied Biomodelling for PhD Students



Course format On-site
Date 2021-01-11 - 2021-05-07

The course covers topics in stocastic population models or mathematical genetics.


Master in Biology and background corresponding to MA0001, MA0002, ST0101 and ST0201.

Learning outcomes

1. Knowledge.

The course is given for PhD students in Medicine and Biology. It deals with modeling of natural populations as stochastic processes. Multiplicative models. Stochastic growth rates. Environmental stochastic. Demographic stochastic. Density regulation. Diffusion processes. Stationary distributions. Quasi-stationary distributions. Extinction processes. Age structured populations. Applications in ecology and population genetics with emphasis on conservation of biodiversity.

2. Skills.

The students shall learn basic population dynamics and study different applications of probability theory in this field. The problems dealt with will be related to modern research in ecology and conservation biology based on stochastic modeling.

3. Competence.

The students should be able to participate in joint researches and scientific discussions on international level, be able to learn new topics related to population biology and apply mathematical methods in biological studies.


ISCED Categories

Scientific modelling