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Subsea Control Systems



Course format On-site
Date 2020-08-17 - 2020-12-20

Course content

Models and control systems for subsea processes, including:

  • compressors
  • pumps
  • separators
  • single-phase pipeline flow
  • multi-phase pipeline flow, including slugging
  • ROV/AUV operations
  • hydraulics and hydraulic actuators

The course will also give a general overview over those systems that are currently in use and expected to be used in the future in subsea oil and gas production.


Recommended previous knowledge

TTK4105 Control Systems.

Learning outcomes

The student should gain knowledge of:

  • Modeling and control of systems used for subsea production and processing of oil and gas
  • ROV operations and subsea robotics
  • Typical subsea oil and gas production facilities

The student should develop skills in:

  • Simulation of subsea processes
  • Control of subsea processes
  • Control systems for ROV operations

The student should develop general competence in:

  • Use of Matlab and Simulink
  • Practical laboratory work


ISCED Categories

Scientific modelling
Machinery and operators
Oil, gas and mineral resources