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Effect and Biomarker Methods in Toxicology



Course format On-site
Date 2020-08-10 - 2020-08-31

Course contents:

To educate, train and develop basic knowledge on biological effects and biomarker methods and their applications in (eco)toxicology for potential use in research and regulations. Lectures: Focus on the theoretical basis for assessment of exposure, effects and risk of stressors of natural and anthropological origin including experimental designs, study planning, execution of toxicity studies, statistical approaches and principles of scientific dissemination. Demonstration/practical work: practical laboratory exercises to conduct toxicity testing using methods that span multiple levels of organization including molecular, cellular and whole organism responses. Interpretation, discussion and reporting of scientific data in oral and written formats.


KJM100, BIO100, STAT100, or similar.

Recommended prerequisites:

MINA200, FMI309/FMI310, or similar.

Learning outcomes

The students are expected to obtain an overview over (eco)toxicological testing principles and be able to conduct experimental studies using simple study designs. The course gives an introduction to (eco)toxicology including toxicity principles and practical toxicity testing such as test design, execution, statistical testing and data interpretation. The students will be introduced to principles of scientific reporting (oral and writing) and will receive hands-on training in the different steps mentioned above.


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