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Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management: Specialisation Marine Governance (Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management: Specialisation Marine Governance )

Master (ISCED 2011 level 7)


Duration 4 semesters
Cost € 2083 / Year

This specialisation focuses on the sustainable governance and economics of marine and coastal systems. The goals and strategies of commercial enterprises, non-governmental and governmental organisations and international institutions are analysed, alternatives are developed and their effects are evaluated in relation to both organisations and ecosystems involved. This is summarised in the learning outcome: design goals and strategies for the governance of sustainable marine ecosystems.

Structural components

Application procedure

To apply for admission to the MSc programme you have to submit several documents. This process is described step by step on the website of the Student Service Centre (SSC).


All information here:


Enrolment in an MSc programme at Wageningen University & Research requires:

  1. A BSc degree (or equivalent) in a field of science relevant to your selected programme
  2. A Grade Point Average (GPA) for this BSc of at least 70% of the maximum grade
  3. Fluency in English, both written and spoken

Relevant BSc programmes

Applicants should have a relevant BSc degree in animal science, aquatic science, biology, ecology, fisheries, marine science, environmental sciences or natural/technical sciences related to marine or aquatic environment or should have a Dutch bachelor's degree related to the topics mentioned above (see Dutch students below)

ISCED Categories

Marine and maritime law