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Bachelor of science (Marine Science) (Bachelor of science (Marine Science) )

Bachelor (ISCED 2011 level 6)


Duration 7 semesters
Cost 2,500 USD/year for Foreigns

The program aims to develop well trained human resources in the management of the country’s ocean resources. Comprehensive marine science theory and practical which include biological, chemical, physical and geological aspects will be emphasized. Current focus aspects in marine science include ocean resources development, environmental impact assessment, pollution and marine policy. This program also has the advantages of fieldwork training in the ocean and research project related to marine science. This can be achieved as UMT has the latest and complete oceanographic equipment.

Undergraduate in the program of Bachelor of Science (Marine Science) must go through a specific study period which is 7 semester before being a graduate that hold the degree in the field of Marine Science. At least a total 120 credit hour must be completed in that 7 semester.

Structural components

Application procedure

To do so contact them in the following web page:

Grant opportunities

Two of the below scholarship (in link) Biasiswa Tuanku Canselor (BTC) and Biasiswa Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (BUMT) are considered as prestigious scholarships. However, the scholarship are solely  meant for local students who have excel in their educations and plan to pursue their postgraduate studies at UMT.

Learning outcomes

Programme Educational Objectives of Bachelor of Science (Marine Science) is to produce student with:
• comprehensive theory and practical knowledge in the field of Marine Science.
• involved contanly in exploring new knowledge of marine science and being able to identify and solve problems with current developments and needs
• able to demonstrate leadership talent, in addressing professional ethical, economic and social challenges.
• ability to interact effectively within organization and able to demonstrate high entrepreneurial skills to ensure global sustainability.

ISCED Categories

Marine Geology