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Coastal Vulnerability Mapping and analysis using QGIS [blended course]



Course format Blended
Date 2024-11-18 - 2024-11-29
Duration 80 hours (online + onsite)

Geospatial science provides vital information on the sustainable use of the coastal resource and planning. It an imperative use such techniques for managing densely populated coastal environs. This course provides an overview of GIS applications pertaining to coastal vulnerability and analysis. It will provide the basic GIS mapping techniques on storm surge vulnerability, and its socio-economic impact using open source GIS tools. Course also includes data acquisition, processing, analysis and interpretation of coastal spatial data. In addition extensive hands on sessions will be conducted to use tools for preparation of thematic base maps for coastal vulnerability due to Tsunamis, Storm surges and their impact.

The mandatory online self-paced phase of the course takes place between 18-22 November 2023 and this will be followed by the onsite course from 25-29 November.  In total +/- 80 hours. The shortlisted candidates are expected to go through all the online course material and finish reading the material and the assignments before participating in the onsite course


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