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Bachelor of Engineering in Engineering, with a concentration in Naval Engineering

Bachelor (ISCED 2011 level 6)


Duration 8 semesters
Cost USD $26,914/semester

The Charles V. Schaefer, Jr. School of Engineering & Science hosts one of the nation’s highly regarded engineering programs that includes a concentration in naval engineering. Deeply embedded in marine and oceanographic engineering, this engineering program concentration focuses on the study of surface and subsurface ships, aircraft, ocean structures and shore facilities used by the U.S. Navy. Ship design, safety and agility are crucial elements of national defense, but also effect maritime trade and transport for civilians. Today's naval engineer must possess a strong background in the physical sciences, mathematics and modeling, as well as the more specialized fields of naval architecture, marine engineering, systems engineering and environmental engineering.

At Stevens, world class professors and facilities prepare students to design, build, operate and maintain ships and other waterborne vessels and oceanographic technology. Located across the Hudson River from New York City, the epicenter of ship design and harbor operations, Stevens collaborates with the government and private companies in design and testing, ensuring that students receive the technical knowledge and practical experience necessary to thrive in the professional world. At Stevens, students can explore:

  • Ship and hull design
  • Propulsion systems
  • Effects of ocean properties on ship transport
  • Homeland security and waterfront defense technology

Students in the program also have access to the renowned Davidson Laboratory, a nationally-recognized center for maritime design research that attracts external organizations to use its towing tank and wave tank. The program is conducted in concert with the Office of Naval Research — sponsored Atlantic Center for the Innovative Design and Control of Small Ships — which has one of the leading ship design programs in the world — and in collaboration with University College London.

ISCED Categories

Machinery and operators
Naval engineering