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Economics is the study of economic policy, economic theory and economic decisionmaking.

Programmes and qualifications with the following main content are classified here:


Economic history


Political economics


Study of economics where emphasis is given to business studies is excluded from this detailed field and classified under 041 ‘Business and administration’. Study of home economics is excluded from this detailed field and included in the detailed field 1011 ‘Domestic services’.

International Business Management

Batumi, GE

Bachelor of Economics in Economics

Dalian Shi, CN

Major in Marine Economics

Yeongdo-gu, KR

Bachelor of Management in Financial Management

Dalian Shi, CN

Sea Tourism Management

Batumi, GE

Organization and Logistics of Maritime Transportation

Batumi, GE

Higher National Diploma (ND) in Maritime Transport and Business Studies

Oron, NG

Economics - Transport economy

Batumi, GE

BSc Maritime Business

Southampton, GB

Erasmus Mundus MSc in Marine Environment and Resources (MER+)


Professional BSc in Management and Administration

Riga, LV

Sea Management

Coimbra, PT

Maritime Law and International Trade

Mindelo, CV

Bachelor of Economics in Financial Engineering

Dalian Shi, CN

Fishing Engineering

Mazatlán, MX

Marine Administration

Cartagena, CO

Bachelor of Management in Logistics Management

Dalian Shi, CN

MSc International Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Plymouth, GB

MSc International Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Plymouth, GB

Master's in International Shipping and Finance

Reading, GB

BSc Shipping and Port Management

Southampton, GB

International Shipping Law LLM

London, GB

International Commercial and Maritime Law, LLM

Swansea, GB

Major in International Commerce

Yeongdo-gu, KR

Master in Transport

Szczecin, PL

Master in Urban, Port and Transport Economics

Rotterdam, NL

MSc Applied Marine Science

Plymouth, GB

Master's in Marine Policy

Newark, US

Master’s in Renewable Energy

Eindhoven, NL

Shipping and Logistics MSc

Newcastle, GB

PhD in Marine Policy

Newark, US

Juris Doctor- Master in Marine Policy Joint Degree

Newark, US

Governance and Sustainability of the Sea

Lisboa, PT

MBA in Shipping and Logistics

London, GB

Master in Law and Economy of the Sea

Lisboa, PT
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