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Biochemistry, sometimes called Biological chemistry, is the study of the chemistry of living organisms, including but not limited to, living matter.

Programmes and qualifications with the following main content are classified here:

Biological chemistry

Cell technology

Forensic sciences

Genetic code (DNA, RNA) studies

Genetic engineering


Tissue culture technology




Biotechnology is included here.

MSc Aquatic Pathobiology

Stirling, GB

MSc Water and Environment

Aalborg East, DK

Coastal Sciences (Aquatic Health Sciences) PhD

Hattiesburg, US

Bachelor of Science in Biology (Marine)

Iligan City, PH

MSc in Aquaculture

Barcelona, ES

Coastal Sciences (Aquatic Health Sciences) MS

Hattiesburg, US

MSc Sustainable Aquaculture

Stirling, GB

Bachelor's Programme in Marine Biology, 180 credits

106 91, SE

Marine Science, Master's Programme, 120 credits

40530, SE

Master of Science in Biology

Malta, MT

M.Sc. Ecology

Bremen, DE

Master’s in Marine Environmental Science

Florida, US

Bachelor of Marine Science and Management

East Lismore, AU

Environmental Science—Marine Science BS

Bellingham, US

Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, B.S.

Stony Brook, US

MSc Applied Aquatic Biology

Portsmouth, GB

BSc (Hons) Aquaculture

Stirling, GB

Master in Marine Science (Marine Chemistry)

Yangpu Qu, CN

B.Sc. Environmental Sciences

Oldenburg, DE

Marine Biology, B.S.

Millersville, US

Environmental Engineering

Puerto Angel, MX


Can Tho, VN

Oceanography, BA

Seattle, US

Marine Sciences B.S

Storrs, US

Master of Science in Urban Water Cycle

Faro, PT

Biology— Marine Emphasis BS

Bellingham, US

Marine Science/Chemistry Major, BS

Tuscaloosa, US

Bachelor of Science in Marine Fisheries

Galveston, US

Master in Aquaculture

Ensenada, MX

Marine Science B.S.

Raleigh, US

Chemical Oceanography (Ocean & Earth Science, B.S.)

Norfolk, US

Coastal Environmental Studies, B.S.

Stony Brook, US

Ocean & Earth Sciences (M.S.)

Norfolk, US
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