AMASONE - Atlantic MAster on Ship Operation & Naval Engineering

General information

Two of the top French Technical Universities have teamed up to offer you a unique opportunity to learn naval engineering and become an engineer experienced in ship operation. Being hotbeds of innovation and leadership, Ecole Navale and Ecole Centrale Nantes provide strong links with France’s industrial companies and enjoy a reputation of excellence in Europe and all around the world. Besides this technical and scientific know-how, you will learn about the French culture and language as well.

Ecole Centrale Nantes provides high-level naval engineer training programme. You will have access to experimental facilities such as towing tank, wave tank, internal combustion engine test benches. In collaboration, Ecole Navale delivers a serious scientific training, navigation knowledge and maritime environment. The outstanding strength of the AMASONE master program is that you will have on-board training sessions on French Navy vessels. You will get an insight of on-board practice to serve complex equipment and to fit in with the quick evolution of knowledge and techniques which is highly valuable for a naval engineer and of course highly regarded by industrial employers.

Courses description
This 2-year Master is taught and assessed through English. A 6-month company internship is included in the 2-year cursus.

Year 1 (60 ECTS) Year 2 (60 ECTS)
Semester 1 Semester 3
French language & culture Training on Ship
Fluid mechanics French language & culture
Applied Thermodynamics Maritime & navigation knowledge
Algorithm & programming Labs in Hydrodynamics & propulsion systems
Maritime initiation & leadership
Knowledge of marine environment - acoustics Thermal Machines
Math-Mechanical systems Hydrodynamics (advanced)
Semester 2 Semester 4
Training on Ship Master Thesis
French language & culture
Maritime English Geopolitics
Propulsion systems
Systems approach and modeling
Hydrodynamics (basics)
Learning outcome:

Career opportunities - our industrial partners

Being hotbeds of innovation and leadership, Ecole Navale and Ecole Centrale Nantes provide strong links with France’s industrial companies and enjoy a reputation of excellence in Europe and all around the world.

Our industrial partners are leading international companies involved in shipbuilding, ship design, marine engine industry or ship operation such as DCNS, Bureau Véritas, Hydrocean, CGG, Man Diesel, STX and Pôle Mer Bretagne Bretagne Atlantique.

You may find opportunities to do your Master Thesis in one of these companies

Career opportunities:

  • Industrial Program: in charge of the design of a subset of ships or offshore structures.
  • Research and Program Development: in charge of experimental design of innovative systems for the behavior, performance and implementation of ships or offshore structures.
  • System Integration: team coordination to test and validate implementation of embedded systems.
  • Scientific core: Being able to model and understand the concepts of hydrodynamics, fluid mechanics and heat machine to interact and take part in development projects of naval systems.
  • Experiment: ability to implement and validate an experimental approach about maritime and naval engineering problems.
  • Operational implementation: ability to integrate the constraints of operational implementation approaches in design and validation of naval systems.
  • Application knowledge: ability to interact at the interface between naval systems designers and users by knowledge of the maritime environment, operations and navigation.
  • Leadership: ability to lead through the understanding of human behavior and decision-making processes.
  • International: ability to adapt to a foreign environment and to ensure the optimization of technology transfer.
Contact Person: Anne-Laure Fremondiere (


The highlighted icons, represent the fields of education (in compliance with ISCED Classification) engaged during this course/programme.

0031 - Project management", "0715 - Machinery and operators", "0716 - Naval engineering", "0732 - Near- and offshore constructions


Venue: Ecole Centrale Nantes (Contact Institution)
Nantes, France

Master Department
1 rue de la Noë BP 92101
44321 Nantes Cedex 3


Open from
1 Nov 2016 to 15 Dec 2016


Tuition fees are 24.000€ for 4 semesters.

These tuition fees will be paid according to the following instalments:

  • Before June 30st 2014 : 6000€ (including the the registration fees)
  • February 2015 : 6000€
  • September 2015 : 6000€
  • February 2016 : 6000€


Degree Requirements
Applicants must hold at least a Bachelor of Science in fields such as mechanics, electrical, ocean or naval engineering. Engineers or other candidates with specific CVs searching for advanced education in naval engineering and ship operation are also invited to apply.

English language requirements
All courses are in English thus an English Proficiency is required (TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, Cambridge …, or any other certified proof).

Application Procedure:

Please find below the main documents to be provided for AMASONE application:

  • Application form
  • Financial agreement (for the payment of the tuition fees)
  • The Information form to enable the access to the French Naval Base in Brest
  • Recent Nationality certificate issued by your local municipal authority, embassy, consulate, Justice Minister(less than a year). Or a copy of your passport
  • Copies, certified or authenticated by the institution attended, of your higher education studies diploma and a transcript of record with a translation (by a sworn translator) into English or French
  • Proof of English proficiency
  • Please provide year by year official documents for the past five years if they are not included in your last diploma.
  • Two Recommendation letters in English

Grant Opportunities:

There are scholarships available for this master, from our both institutions and from companies. You can also apply through your government or the French government or any company interested in giving you a financial support. More especially scholarships are available with Campus France but pay attention to the deadline of December 15 to submit your application.


Academic level: Master

Occupations (not validated):
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