Guidelines and rcommendations for the development of the management and monitoring plans of the potential special area of conservation of Banco de la Concepción

Banco de La Concepción, included in the Natura 2000 network in 2014 is pending on the drawing up and approval of a management plan for being upgraded to a Special Conservation Area. For facilitating this, appropriate guidelines on which the management plan can be based will be advanced here. Efforts will be put on defining objectives of this site’s future management plan and selecting indicators able to monitor them. However, selecting indicators that adequately fit with ecological attributes of complex ecosystems and to the objectives of their management plan is a daunting challenge. For this case a driver-state-impacts-response (DPSIR) framework was used to determine elements affecting the marine protected area (MPA) and to select a suitable indicators’ list. Moreover a Multicriteria-Decision-Analysis (MCDA) was used to determine the most appropriate ones. Concretely, a Delphi method together with an analytical-hierarchy-process (AHP) were used to select and prioritize 18 indicators from 144 candidates. The methods and results of this study intend to streamline the MPA management plan’s design and its subsequent put-into-practice process so that Banco de La Concepción SAC, more than a paper-MPA, turns into a real protected area where biodiversity protection and local artisanal economic activities can meet and reconcile.

Promotor(s) & Supervisor: Pablo Martin-Sosa Roriguez, Sebastian Jimenez Navarro
Thesis Institute: Instituto Español de Oceanografia, Centro Oceanografico de Canarias

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0522 - Conservation and environmental management", "0312 - Policy and governance