Long-term analyses of variability in oceanographic trends along Iberian Peninsula coast

Master Thesis subject (30 ECTS)
The student will study long –term trends evolution of oceanographic parameters along the Iberiam Peninsula, Hydrological (e.g. rainfall rates), Oceanographic (e.g. temperature; Upwelling intensity etc) aiming evaluate if climatic changes have occurred between early 30s to present. Specifically, the student will become familiarize with collecting information from internet browsers to gathered data. Several time-series statistical technics will be learned and combined to evaluate significant changes in marine environment parameters variability (e.g. increase Sea Surface Temperature).
- Internet data collection - Statistical analysis for test relationship between fishing trends and environmental variables (time series analyses for data exploitation) - Computer for data analyses (most of data is already acquired therefore works can start immediately) - Oceanography knowledge
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Francisco Leitão
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Reference Number: RP-35642