MeioScool 2016

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General information

Meiofauna is one of the fundamental components of benthic communities and is characterized by high abundance and diversity, fast turnover rates and occupies a key position in the food web. Meiofauna contains most known animal phyla and is certainly the most abundant and diversified group in the world.
MeioScool's objective is to bring together several meiofaunal experts in Brest in order to:

1) Increase awareness of researchers, students and general public to the fundamental role of meiofauna in marine ecosystems from the coastal zone to abyssal depths.

2) Train students and researchers to the identification and description of meiofauna through several complementary disciplines (taxonomy, ecology, molecular biology) and stimulate a new generation of meiobenthologists.
The MeioScool summer school will last 5 days with conferences and sessions devoted to field and laboratory work (sampling, extraction, identification of major meiofaunal taxonomic groups, molecular biology, etc..).

This is a great pleasure for us inviting you to the MeioScool Summer School, the organizing committee will prepare a enjoyable meeting, full of surprises. We hope to see you all in Brest in June 2016.

Contact Person: Daniela Zeppilli (


The highlighted icons, represent the fields of education (in compliance with ISCED Classification) engaged during this course/programme.


Venue: Institut Universitaire Européen de la Mer
Plouzané, France


Open from
1 Apr 2016 to 31 May 2016


Registration rates:

Early Registration (01 of April/31 of May)

  • IUEM student rate                         0 €
  • IUEM/Ifremer employees              0 € (acces restricted to conferences)
  • Student rate                              150 €
  • Standard rate                            250 €
  • Accompaying guest                  600 €

Late registration (after June 1st)

  • IUEM student rate                         0 €
  • IUEM/Ifremer employees              0 € (acces restricted to conferences)
  • Student rate                              250 €
  • Standard rate                            350 €
  • Accompaying guest                  600 €


The standard and student registration fees include:

  • Access to the conferences/laboratories
  • 1 copy of the book of abstract
  • Coffee-breaks and lunches (from 27/06 to 01/07)
  • Social dinner (29/06)
  • Accommodation in shared double room, taxes, and breakfast (check-in 26/06, late check-out 02/07: Hôtel Vauban ***)
  • Transportation between Hôtel Vauban and IUEM (from 27/06 to 01/07)
  • Sampling activities on 29/06


The IUEM/Ifremer students/employees registration fee includes:

  •   Access to the conferences/laboratories
  • 1 copy of the book of abstract
  • Coffee-breaks and lunches (from 27/06 to 01/07)


The registration fee doesn’t include:

  • Travelling expenses (please see the page « Student and young researcher support »)
  • Dinners
  • Personal expenses


 Payment form will be online after April 1st.


We are planning to establish a series of grants for students and researchers to attend the conference.

Award amounts are based on geographic location.

We will give priority to participants from developing countries.


Conditions are that:

  • Applicant must be a student or a non-permanent researcher (with the exception of permanent researcher from developing countries)
  • Applicant must be first author of an abstract
  • Applicant must be present at the conference

Please fill the application form and send it before 15 March 2016 to


Funded grant will be communicated by mail before April 1st.




Participants willing to contribute with oral or poster presentations are requested to indicate that intention in the registration form.

The MeioScool Scientific Committee reserves the right of acceptance/refusal of the proposed abstracts and of determining the final presentation form (oral/poster).



A 15 min time slot will be allocated for oral presentations (10m + 5m discussion) that will be organized in chaired sessions. Audiovisual facilities will be available in the conference room.


Poster presentations require the presence of the author(s) during the time slot allocated in the programme. Maximum poster size: 120 cm (height) x 85 cm (width). The Template for the abstract is avalaible in the Submit page.


The abstracts will be compiled in a “MeioScool Proceedings” volume that will be distributed to participants.


The Marine Biodiversity journal has tentatively agreed to produce a Special Issue related within the MeioScool Workshop.

Application Procedure:

To register, please follow the successive steps given below.

We have limited places for the field and laboratory sessions (29-30/06 and 01/07). Registration is recommended only for PhD students, researchers and technicians. In the case of motivated young students (M1 and M2) with experience in meiofauna, fill this application form and send it to




Academic level: Master, PhD, Lifelong Learning

Qualification: Graduate Diploma
Occupations (not validated):
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