Schmid Training Course "Experimental and Developmental Biology of Marine Organisms"

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General information

The aim is to present and discuss modern experimental and scientific approaches used for basic and applied research on marine organisms. The wildlife resources of the Roscoff Biological Station will be available for observation and Course experimentation by the students. Students will be actively involved in practical lab work. They will also participate to discussions and debates on selected topics from newly published scientific articles (journal club). Download the flyer.

Course Topics:

  • Evolutionary developmental biology (evo-devo)
  • Ecological developmental biology (eco-devo)
  • Regeneration
  • Origin of metazoans
  • Cellular morphogenesis
  • Comparative genomics
  • Behavioural studies

For each model:

  • Life cycle
  • Anatomy
  • Embryogenesis
  • Genetic networks and genomic data
  • Functional approaches
  • Tools for molecular and cellular analyses
Contact Person: Cécile Cabresin (


The highlighted icons, represent the fields of education (in compliance with ISCED Classification) engaged during this course/programme.


Venue: Roscoff Biological Station
Roscoff , France

Place Georges Teissier
29680 Roscoff



University fee: 55,10 euros (for non-UPMC students)
Lodging and food: 225 euros, covering full board accommodation in individual room and meals

All selected students are expected to cover their own travel costs.


The course is open to master and PhD. students interested in marine organisms development, genetics and evolution Participation to the course requires knowledge of fundamental principles of molecular biology and developmental genetics. Knowledge in metazoan phylogeny and evolution is also desirable.

Application Procedure:

The number of participants is limited and applications (CV + letter) must be sent to

Application deadline: 30th November, 2014


Academic level: Master, PhD


Written and oral evaluation.

Occupations (not validated):
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