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Doctorado en Oceanografía Costera ( PhD Program in Coastal Oceanography )

PhD (ISCED 2011 level 8)


Duración 6 semesters
Nivel de entrada PhD
Costo $ 4,600.24 Mexican pesos per semester

The main objective of the Doctorate in Coastal Oceanography is to provide its students with rigorous training, together with a set of specific analytical tools that allow them to carry out basic and applied research that is relevant to the Mexican context in particular but taking into account current globalized conditions.

The program's efforts are aimed at generating first-rate human resources that can successfully face the challenges posed by a career in the area of geological, physical, chemical and biological oceanography, in their country or region of origin.

Componentes estructurales
Entrenamiento de embarcaciones
Socios de la industria
Componente internacional
Entrenamiento de laboratorio
Trabajo práctico/ de campo
Entrenamiento de idioma
Proyecto de investigación

Proceso de aplicación

STEP 1: Fill out the application electronically ( In this section, you should include the email of your possible academic tutor and the email of your three recommendations. When you send your application, you will receive an email with a password to later attach your supporting documents.

STEP 2: Attach supporting documents to your request:

-Curriculum vitae.
-Copy of personal identification with photograph (INE, passport).
-Academic history or Certificate of studies of the degree.
-Birth certificate.
-Preliminary thesis project endorsed by your possible academic tutor and/or thesis supervisor. (Preliminary guide)
-Academic History or Certificate of Master's studies.
-Professional Master's Degree or Master's Examination Certificate endorsed by the institution of origin.
-Results of the TOEFL English test or equivalent (minimum TOEFL score of 450 points).
-Results of the PAEP exam (recommended score of 450 points).
-Letter of the release of Master's scholarship in case of having been a CONACyT fellow.


At the time of sending your documents, both the potential academic tutor and the 3 recommendations will receive an email to continue with your request. They will have 10 business days to finalize their application and for it to be considered for evaluation. In the case of the academic tutor, he must record the results of his interview, as well as attach the letter of commitment and the schedule of activities to be carried out during his studies.

Oportunidades de financiamiento/becas

The Ph.D. program in Coastal Oceanography program has been continuously certified since 1985 within the CONACyT Postgraduate Certificate of Excellence, the CONACyT National Postgraduate Program and, more recently, the CONACyT National Postgraduate Program of Quality. That is why this governmental institution offers the possibilities of granting scholarships to students, nationals and / or foreigners, who are accepted in this postgraduate program. For more information, it is recommended to visit the page of the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACyT)

This scholarship granted by CONACyT does not include the registration fee to the program of $ 4,600.24 pesos per semester (There will be financing options).


-Have a degree in Science or related areas.
-Have a minimum average of 80.0, or its equivalent, in Bachelor studies.
-Establish contact with some of the researchers from any of the curricular areas, or line of research of your interest, to request their participation as Academic Tutor.
-Hold an interview-evaluation with the possible tutor (This can be in person, by phone and/or Skype)
-Have a Master of Science in the area of ​​Natural and Exact Sciences, or related.
-Have a minimum average of 80.0, or its equivalent, in their Master's studies.
-English TOEFL test or equivalent (minimum TOEFL score of 450)
-Have the availability of Full-Time dedication to the program, at least 4.5 years from their entry into the program.

Categorías CINE (ISCED)

Geología marina
Oceanografía física y química
Modelado científico