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Mestrado em Ciências do Mar (Master Programme in Marine Sciences )

Master (ISCED 2011 level 7)

Portugués, Portugal

Duración 4 semesters
Costo registration fee: 25 euros; enrolment fee: 40 euros; tuition fee: portuguese students: 1200 euros; international students: 7000 euros

This master pretends to train students to become scientists or technicians with a broad knowledge on marine sciences, able to integrate multidisciplinary teams. The courses on the first year cover Oceanography, Chemistry, Biology and geology. On the second year the student does a full time research project in one team of his choice, within these areas.

Skills: Scientific and technical capabilities in marine sciences. Students receive training in the following areas (examples): marine resources, coastal management, ocean observation.

Componentes estructurales
Entrenamiento de laboratorio
Proyecto de investigación

Resultados del aprendizaje


Portuguese. If there are students who do not understand Portuguese, classes will be taught in English.


Bachelor in any of the following areas: Biology, Geophysics, Geology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics or similar

Categorías CINE (ISCED)

Geología marina
Oceanografía física y química