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PhD in Marine Chemistry

PhD (ISCED 2011 level 8)


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Marine chemistry is one of the applied sciences that has intermediate role among various sciences in oceanography, therefore it is an essential science to study oceans and seas. The interest of Saudi Arabia in studying oceans and seas started quarter century ago as a result of its 2000 Km coast along The Red Sea and Arabian Gulf. Based on this, Faculty of Marine Sciences was established in 1401H (1981G) holding Marine Chemistry Department among its branches.  

The department includes a selection of faculty members with specialties deals in the field of biochemistry, electrochemistry, organic chemistry, geochemistry and marine pollution.

The department of Marine Chemistry offers bachelor's and master's programs. To achieve its teaching goals, the department was equipped with modern analytical instruments such as spectroscopy, gas chromatography-mass spectrometer, high performance liquid chromatography, autoanalyzers, dissolved organic carbon analyzer, mercury analyzer and electrochemical equipments. The department is enrolled in the rehabilitation of national qualified citizens who serve in various sectors in the Kingdom. It also contributes to a lot of research, whether solo or in collaboration with other departments within the college or beyond.

In the desire of the department to keep up with developments in the field of marine science , the curricula of undergraduate and postgraduate has updated several times during the past quarter century.


Marine Chemistry Department will enhance its position as a comprehensive department and as a national leader in the teaching of marine chemistry and its utilization for the service of society.


  • To provide quality education that would enable students to meet the requirement of the industry and to find professional solutions to regional marine problems;         
  • To provide high quality innovative multidisciplinary research programmed to address the issues of sustainable exploitation of marine resources.
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