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Marine Engineering (Marine Engineering Officer)

Doctorado (ISCED 2011 nivel 8)


Duración 8 semesters
Costo 3,675 OMR per year

In the Marine Engineering Programme, our students will be taught how to operate, maintain and repair all machinery onboard any type of ship of any size and tonnage. In our department, this academic program emphasizes hands-on experiences that expand on your classroom learning. Our Diploma and Bachelor degrees will enable you to implement the knowledge you gain through your study into future jobs.  Due to the knowledge imparted in fields like machinery, turbines, boilers, automatic systems and electrotechnology, this programme allows that our graduates have attractive skills for companies and/or factories working not only in the shipping industry. The academic program can lead you to obtain at the same time the professional Certificates of Competency of Engineer Officer on Watch, 2nd Engineer and Chief Engineer issued by the Ministry of Transport and Communications in Oman.

Award: Diploma/Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering.

The Marine Engineering programme aims providing students with relevant and quality Maritime Education and equip them with the knowledge they will need when they join the workplace.

Componentes estructurales
Componente internacional
Trabajo práctico/ de campo
Entrenamiento de idioma
Proyecto de investigación

Resultados del aprendizaje

After obtaining the Diploma and/or bachelor in Marine Engineering you will be qualified to work on-board vessels and in shore positions such as:

  • Chief Engineer.
  • 2nd Engineer.
  • Junior Engineer Officer (3rd and 4th Engineer).
  • Vessel Manager.
  • Fleet Manager.
  • Flying Squad teams in shipping companies.
  • HSSEQ related Positions.
  • Tanker terminal operators.
  • Port State Control Inspector and other positions in Maritime Administration.
  • Positions in specialized workshops.
  • Power and generation plants.


Minimum entry requirements:

  • General Education Diploma (Grade 12 Certificate) or equivalent.
  • All applicants must have studied English, Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics.

Direct entry requirements:

  • Students must sit IMCO’s English Placement Test and score above 75, or score 5.0 in a valid IELTS plus passing Math and IT placement tests.
  • Pass IMCO GFP or other accredited GFP’s.
  • IC3 and SAT certificates can be considered for exemption.

For International Students

International students must provide an original High Secondary School Certificate, or equivalent, attested by student’s country’s Ministry of Education and by the Omani Embassy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the embassy of the student’s country in Oman, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Oman and the Ministry of Education in Oman. For more information, please contact our admission office.

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