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Marine Petrophysics



Formato del curso Online
Fecha 2021-01-18 - 2021-03-28
Costo 17500 SEK

This course provides an introduction to marine petrophysics, the study of sediment physical properties and their interaction with fluids. The course covers laboratory and in-situ methods for measuring standard petrophysical properties of marine sediments. These include, pore space properties and permeability, as well the elastic, geomechanical, electrical and thermal properties. The course will look at quantitative relationships between these properties, and through numerical exercises, the students will learn how they are commonly applied within industry and research to investigate different marine geological processes.

After completion of the course, the student is expected to:

  • Describe and select appropriate measurement techniques used to derive basic petrophysical properties of marine sediments
  • Quantitatively evaluate stress states in marine sediments and explain how they influence petrophysical properties.
  • Predict how lithological changes will affect the physical properties of sediments
  • Develop a quantitative petrophysical model for marine sediments by combining measurements and established empirical relationships between key parameters.


60 ECTS credits Geology or Earth Science or 30 ECTS credits Geology or Earth Sciences and 15 ECTS credits mathematics and 15 ECTS credits in Physics/Geophysics. Information about entry requirements on


Categorías CINE (ISCED)

Geología marina
Petróleo, gas y recursos minerales