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Ship Electrical Systems



Formato del curso On-site
Fecha 2020-08-17 - 2020-12-20

Course content

  • Electrical propulsion and diesel electrical propulsion.
  • Distribution systems and voltage levels.
  • Selectivity.
  • Load balancing and short-circuiting calculation.
  • Equipment and instrumentation for synchronization and load distribution.
  • Rotational speed statics and voltage statics.
  • Main switch board with instruments.
  • Emergency power supply.
  • Shore connection.
  • Asynchronous motors with starting equipment.
  • Frequency converters.
  • Electromagnetic noise.


Admission to a programme of study is required:

  • Engineering - Power Electronics (006EK)
Recommended previous knowledge

IE 203814 Electric machines and power electronics
IE 203915 Electric power systems

Resultados del aprendizaje


  • know the regulations and requirements in installation, operation and maintenance of electrical installations in ships and vessels.
  • know the directions for documentation of electrical installations in ships.
  • know design and mode of operation of electrical machinery and equipment onboard ships.


The candidate shall be able to

  • – projecting the installation of electrical equipment in ships
  • make measurements and troubleshooting on ships electrical system,
  • produce electrical documentation with reports and measurement protocols.


The candidate can

  • perform and document tests on ships electrical equipment and communicate knowledge orally and in writing,
  • independently obtain and use data sheet and support literature in their own work.


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