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BSc in Marine Biotechnology

Doctorado (ISCED 2011 nivel 8)


Duración 6 semesters
Costo US$9,000-15,000

About the field: The sea is home to a wealth of organisms that have yet to be researched. Many of them generate materials that could be useful in medicine, agriculture, and industry. The field of marine biotechnology is developing quickly around the world and now also can be studied in Israel at the Ruppin Academic Center.

Advantages of the degree: The BSc program in marine biotechnology at the Ruppin Academic Center is the only academic program in Israel in this discipline accredited by the Israeli Council for Higher Education and recognized by all Israeli universities and research institutes. The program has subsidized (university-level) tuition.

The curriculum includes a wealth of lab time, field trips, and research projects. It also involves seamanship studies, during which students sail along the Israeli coast, to Cyprus, and to Greece. Students have the option of taking skippering and diving courses at clubs near campus.

The f​aculty has a special, pleasant atmosphere that is conducive to learning and hosts a wealth of social and community activities.


Goals of the program:

  • Provide students with wide-ranging, applied academic knowledge of marine biotechnology.

  • Educate students about the theoretical academic aspects common to all fields of biotechnology.

  • Open new horizons in marine biotechnology research in Israel in order to realize untapped potential.

  • Prepare alumni to embark upon successful careers at biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies and in marine agriculture, industry, and industrial services, among other options. Students in the marine biotechnology program receive wide-ranging, distinctive academic training in this field and also attain a background in engineering, management, and economics that enable them to collaborate productively with entrepreneurs in industry.

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