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Bachelor Of Mechanical Engineering Technology (Naval Architecture) With Honours (Bachelor Of Mechanical Engineering Technology (Naval Architecture) With Honours )

pregrado universitario (ISCED 2011 nivel 6)


Duración 8 semesters
Costo 2,500 USD/year for Foreigns

Mechanical Engineering Technology (Naval Architecture) is a programme that combines the science, naval architecture and engineering of ship machining systems. The core of the programme includes studies related to naval architecture, hydrostatic and static/dynamic stability of ships or floating structures, ship machining and instrumentation, ship power plants, ship management and operating systems, and safety based on standards by the marine safety agency and the International Maritime Organization (IMO). Elements implemented include naval architecture and ship construction, mechanical engineering, electrical, electronics, software and security used in the engineering design, classification, maintenance, and operation processes for vessels and floating structures. The programme provides professional knowledge and skills for jobs in the shipping, marine and oil and gas industries.

Componentes estructurales

Proceso de aplicación

To do so contact them in the following web page:

Oportunidades de financiamiento/becas

Two of the below scholarship (in link) Biasiswa Tuanku Canselor (BTC) and Biasiswa Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (BUMT) are considered as prestigious scholarships. However, the scholarship are solely  meant for local students who have excel in their educations and plan to pursue their postgraduate studies at UMT.

Resultados del aprendizaje


  • Naval Architect
  • Engineering Technologist for machine/instrumentation
  • Offshore & Coastal Engineering Technologist
  • Construction & Maintenance Engineering Technologist
  • Ship Design Consultants
  • Marine Surveyor
  • QC Officer
  • Marine Operations Officer
  • Lecturer / Educator
  • Classification Society Officer
  • Technical / Sales Executive
  • Science Officer / Researcher


  1. STPM: Obtain C (2.00) in one of the following subjects: Mathematics / Physics.
  2. Matriculation/Foundation: Obtain C (2.00) in one of the following subjects: Mathematics / Physics / Engineering subjects.
  3. Diploma: Obtain a minimum CGPA of 3.00 in a related recognized field.
  4. A minimum of level 2 (Band 2) in the Malaysian University English Test (MUET)

Categorías CINE (ISCED)

Mecánica y profesiones afines a la metalistería
Ingeniería naval