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Design Dash



The Design Dash (or, in hashtag form, #designdash) is a quick introductory design thinking exercise for you to use. A “dash” means both a sprint (“a 100-meter dash”) and a small amount of something (“a dash of cayenne pepper”). The Design Dash is both. It’s a taster activity that still has some weight to it, and that can be deepened and expanded as your time and expertise allow. Reading through this activity and the accompanying facilitator’s guide is no substitute for taking a human-centered design course yourself! But if you have some background in the topic and you’re looking for a structured, ready-to-use activity, this is for you.

How to use this resource

You can use it as-is, or you can hack it. You can use it alone, or you can use it to open another workshop or session. It’s meant to be open-source, extensible, and customizable. It expands or contracts to fill different time slots. And it’s free (as long as you credit us, and release any modifications under a Creative Commons license).

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