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Offshore Wind Finance



Formato del curso Blended
Fecha 2023-11-08 - 2023-11-09
Duración 2 days
Costo 1795 € + VAT

Building an offshore wind farm is not solely a technical challenge. It takes place within a complex financial system in which decisions have consequences for design, construction, operation and maintenance of the wind farm.

In this course, participants will learn the basics of finance in the offshore wind sector. They will gain insight into the complexities involved in financing a new offshore structure and learn to understand recent developments in offshore wind finance. By means of theoretical lectures, participants will learn to use and comprehend the most important terminology, financial structures and key ratios.

During the course, the theoretical knowledge will be put into practice in realistic cases. The course will be interactive, allowing participants to ask questions directly related to their own projects.


Offshore professionals seeking a better understanding of the finance behind offshore energy.

Resultados del aprendizaje

  • Understanding important key figures and how to use them
  • Acquiring knowledge about different types of contracts and financial structures
  • Gaining insight into the role of the government and its subsidy schemes


Categorías CINE (ISCED)

Energía renovable marina