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Nautik und Seeverkehr (Nautical Science and Maritime Transport (B.Sc.) )

Bachelor (ISCED 2011 level 6)


Tijdsduur 8 semesters
Cost 311,67 € per semester

Set sail and discover new horizons.

In the field of maritime shipping, issues surrounding the environment, engineering, logistics and safety are of great importance.

Our new “Center for Modeling & Simulation”, allows us to perfectly replicate nautical and logistical problems, corporate and ship-based operations, and processes in the fields of shipbuilding and the environmental and material sciences.

New simulation facilities, e.g. for offshore installations, liquid cargo and engine rooms, have been set up specifically for Nautical Science students. This ensures that our students are perfectly prepared for any situation and type of load. Our family-like atmosphere means that any open questions and problems that arise can be dealt with under close supervision.

The annual training voyage on a schooner and the practical training semester spent at sea form the practical part of the course, serving to broaden our students’ nautical knowledge.

Thanks to the broad foundation that our course provides, primarily to prepare students for work at sea, our graduates are also more than capable of carrying out a range of tasks on land.

Structurele componenten
Industry partners
Internship/Workplace experience
International component
Practical/Field work
Research Project

ISCED Categories

Logistiek en bedrijfsvoering scheepsvaart
Marien and maritiem recht
Conservatie en milieumanagement
Machines en operators
Near- en offshore infrastructuur
Maritieme veiligheid
Navigatie en zeemanschap