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Major of Marine IT Convergence

Bachelor (ISCED 2011 level 6)


Cost 2,590,500 South Korean won per semester

Major of Marine IT Convergence

The major of maritime IT convergence was established so as to meet the overwhelming demands of ICT convergence technology with all industry sectors in 4th industrial revolution era. The objectives are to educate students to be an ICT convergence expert who is able to work any industrial areas including ship-building and maritime automation industry with the creative and practical skills. For this, our curriculum provides not only the basic courses such as the electronic circuit, digital logic, signal processing, control theory and programming language but also provides various advanced courses, experiments and design courses with artificial intelligence, networking and ICT Convergence design and system implementation techniques.

Contents of education

  • Principle of control and automation system
  • Instrumentation and processing of signal
  • Structure of computer and marine information system
  • Study on the networking technology between devices
  • Various courses of liberal arts and learning support program
  • Personality and aptitude tests, job camps, lectures by experts, and tours of domestic and foreign companies.

Main subjects

  • Basic subjects such as math, physics, electronic computing and global leadership (for freshmen and sophomore)
  • Basic subjects for major: Electronic circuit, digital circuit, instrumentation engineering, image processing and C language, etc.
  • Advanced subjects for major: automatic control, computer structure, digital signal processing, marine information system, ship network standard, and capstone design, etc.


Control device Laboratories, Intelligent Control Laboratories, Image Processing Laboratories, maritime communication Laboratories, Intelligent Robot Laboratories, Cyber marine System Laboratories, natural Language Laboratories, SoC Design Laboratories, Automation Control Laboratories, Computer Application Laboratories

Job opportunities after the graduation

  • Engineers in private and public companies, research institutes, and government
  • System design and core development, sensor and instrumentation development and related areas
  • Control, electronics, network-based mechatronics or robot developments and its related areas
  • Knowledge-based computer application areas including artificial intelligence, IoT, and big data
    • Control and automation in automobile, ships, maritime plants industries

ISCED Categories

Persoonlijke vaardigheden en communicatie
Navigatie en zeemanschap