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Major of Civil Engineering

Bachelor (ISCED 2011 level 6)


Cost 2,590,500 South Korean won per semester

Civil engineering is the study to plan, design, construct, and maintain works of the natural and social (public and private) infrastructures and is closely related to the national economy and social development.

  • Civil engineering is one of the disciplines which were first established among the engineering discipline.
  • It plans, designs, constructs, and maintains the natural and social infrastructures including bridges, roads, railways, airports, ports, dams, tunnels, and power plants.
  • The curriculum includes classes in physics, mathematics, mechanics, management, computer program and high tech engineering tools, design, and specific topics in civil engineering.
Educational Objectives
  • Learn the basic knowledge of civil engineering.
  • Acquire the professional experience in civil engineering.
  • Educate students to become eco-friendly civil engineers, having both the basic and in-depth knowledge.
  • Train students to become civil engineers who have the practical knowledge on the field and who can be put it into projects.
  • Train students to become construction experts who can lead the information era and globalization in a creative way.
  • Basic courses for freshmen and sophomore: math, science, and computing.
  • Advanced courses as majors: structural engineering, construction engineering, harbour and coastal engineering, hydraulics, geotechnical engineering, surveying and GIS, and roadn and transportation engineering.
Relevant Technical Licenses After Completing a Certified Degree Program
  • Civil engineer, construction material engineer, construction safety engineer, and survey engineer
Job/Career After Graduation
  • Public officers in government departments such as Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, Ministry of the Inferior and Safety, Ministry of Employment and Labor, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Trade and, Industry and Energy, National Fire Agency, Rural Development Administration, Port Authority, Local Autonomous Entity and etc.
  • Work at public construction intuitions such as Korea Expressway Corp., LH Corp., Korea Coastal Survey Corp., Korea Water Resources Corp, Korea National Oil Corp., Korea Rail Network Authority, Transportation Corporation, Urban Innovation Corp., and etc.
  • Work at private design and construction companies such as Hyundai E. & C., Daewoo E. & C., SK E. & C., Daelim E.& C., Posco E. & C., Dohwa Eng., Yooshin Eng., and etc.
  • Teachers at schools, researchers at institutions, and engineers at small design and maintenance engineering companies.

We educate students to become civil experts, through participating in the projects related to development of new technologies that focus on the actual practices.

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