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Major of Computer and Information Engineering

Bachelor (ISCED 2011 level 6)


Cost 2,590,500 South Korean won per semester

The major of computer and information engineering specializes in IT-convergence technologies which tryto apply computer and information technologies to traditional industries and social fi elds. With high-qualityeducation, we train students to be quality human resources for leading the next generation information andknowledge society.

Introduction of major
  • Focus on core subjects related to computer and information engineering.
  • Train core human resources who can lead the next generation computer and information engineering which can be applied to marine ICT convergence technologies.
  • Practice on-the-job training to meet demands of companies through the LINC projects and internship, etc.
  • Strengthen cooperation networks with graduates for mentoring students.
  • Provide scholarships to students, and train students through overseas training programs for globalizing andcooperating with industries.
Contents of education
  • Various liberal arts related to computer and information processing
  • Principle of information processing based on computers
  • Design methods for embedded systems and networking technology among several devices
  • Personality and aptitude examination, job camp, expert’s lecture and tours around companies
Main subjects
  • Basic subjects such as math, physics, electronic computing, and global leadership (for freshmen and sophomore)
  • Basic subjects for the major: programming language (C language, C++, Java), data, digital logic circuit,information security, data communication
  • Advanced subjects for the major: database, computer networks, computer architecture, software engineering,design and practice of embedded systems, capstone design

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