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Major in Public Law

Master (ISCED 2011 level 7)


Cost 2,590,500 South Korean won per semester

The Department of Maritime Law aims to educate and to train legal experts in order to meet various legal needs. The major courses are divided and organized in the areas of Public Law, Private Law, and Maritime Law.

The basic subjects of the major courses consist of Constitutional Law, Civil Law, Criminal Law, Commercial Law, Administrative Law, Law of the Sea, Maritime law, and so on.

Furthermore, in order to keep up with the marine-related legal issues that are increasing daily, the Department of Maritime Law offers specialized subjects on marine affairs: Marine Insurance Law, Admiralty Law, International Transportation Law, Law of Charter, Bill of Lading, International Marine Environmental Law, Marine Criminal Law, and so on.

Areas of Specialty

  • Civil Law
  • Constitutional Law
  • Maritime Law
  • Commercial Law, International Trade Law
  • International Law, Law of The Sea
  • Criminal Law

ISCED Categories

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Marien and maritiem recht