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Quantitative Analyses in Ecology and Evolution



Course format On-site
Datum 2020-08-17 - 2020-12-20

The course presents various methods of statistical analyses of biological data, focusing particularly on the relationships between study design and statistical tools, and on the interpretation and presentation of statistical analyses in a biological context. The course comprises lectures, exercises and some discussions based on scientific literature. During the exercises, students analyze data from studies in ecology and evolutionary biology using the statistical software R. The statistical models used during the course are: linear models, generalized linear models, mixed-effects models. The compulsory report consists of analyzing data, interpreting and presenting the results of studies in evolutionary ecology.


Recommended previous knowledge

Statistics and Biology corresponding to ST0103 or ST1201 and BI2040 or BI2017

Learning outcomes


The candidate will obtain knowledge of:

  • Statistical models
  • Quantitative analysis in evolution and ecology
  • Experimental design in evolution and ecology
  • Statistical software R


The candidate will be skilled on:

  • Data analysis and experimental design in evolution and ecology
  • Presenting and interpreting statistical results
  • Read critically and understand results from statistical analyses in evolution and ecology
  • Planning experiment in evolution and ecology

General competence:

The candidate will get competence on:

  • Understand statistical models
  • Write and interpret results of statistical analyses
  • Read critically statistical analyses from the literature


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